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The Place
to be

Peakini is less of a hotel than a concept of “Easy Living”, which combines a relaxed atmosphere with lots of originality and contemporary quality.

Our Klubrooms

Our Peakini team ensures a cool, friendly and relaxed atmosphere – easy but not simple. The 5 types of Klubrooms in the Peakini Klubhaus in Obertauern have their very own style. In each of the 26 cozy and stylish design rooms you will find your own personal feel-good atmosphere.


Playground for revellers

Escape the mudane. Join the party. The Peakini Klubhaus is located in the middle of Obertauern’s vibrant party life and in the immediate vicinity of the ski slope – ideal for all night owls and winter sports enthusiasts with more demands, more style and lots of inspiration at all levels. But also for those for whom it may be later. During the day a place to chill and enjoy, in the evening a party hotspot – it can get a little louder and more colorful. A cool but also demanding young or young-at-heart generation meets here.


Eyes open!

Das Peakini Klubhaus always does well. Also in the film.

Simply delicious

In the morning our hotel guests start with a leisurely breakfast and from 5 p.m. they can enjoy delicious food and drinks in our Burger Grill & Bar.

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